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Digital redesign

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  • Web design
  • Marketing & social media materials

Spotlight is a news blog by Conductor, a leading SEO and content marketing platform.

Working previously with Conductor, we partnered again to redesign Spotlight – their ongoing blog delivering news and marketing stories. Our task was to take a fresh approach to their visual identity as well as create a new website. ● As a concept, we wanted to take what is a seemingly dull topic and give it an edgy spin. Bolder typography, imagery, and layout assured an engaging experience. We worked with the core elements of the old logo and updated it with modern lettering and vivid green. To keep the blog lively and interactive, extra focus was put on social media and communication channels.

seo-blog logo before redesign
seo-blog logo after redesign in green
seo-blog logo in midnight blue
seo-blog application icon
seo-blog logo typography color palette ui styleguide

Blog redesign

The improved UX structure allows for easier navigation through an extensive library of articles.

seo-blog homepage design
seo-blog newest trending articles showcase
seo-blog trending articles and newsletter section
seo-blog public speaking events featured quote
seo-blog article screen design desktop mobile
seo-blog homescreen on computer and iPhone on tabletop

Mobile experience

Most users read their news on smartphones, so we put extra care in designing Spotlight’s mobile version.

seo-blog articles showcase mobile design
seo-blog mobile navigation menu
seo-blog mobile newsletter sign up screen
seo-blog application icon on iPhone homescreen

Social media ads

Using typography only, minimal Instagram Stories ads are a compelling way to drive new readers to the blog.

seo-blog Instagram Stories social media ads

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