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Progressive web app

Manage global payroll with the all-in-one Papaya Platform

  • UX/UI & interaction design
  • Web design & development
  • Illustration & animation
  • PPC ad & email campaigns
  • Marketing & social media materials
  • Investor materials

With the Papaya SaaS platform, managing a multicountry workforce is easier than ever. It helps companies operate on a global scale by automating payroll, saving operating costs, and ensuring compliance with local laws.

Today, Papaya Global is one of the largest tech companies providing automated workforce and payroll management solutions. Our long-term collaboration with Papaya began at the infancy of their startup when there was not much more than an exciting vision. Our goal was to work closely with their team to design the all-in-one SaaS platform from the ground up. ● The first thing we learned about the global payroll process is that it’s extremely complex. It requires working with local suppliers, sorting through all types of documents and reports, and complying with inconsistent local laws. The UX challenge was to automate all these processes and organize them in an intuitive way, leaving the user with a sense of transparency and control. ● Simultaneously, we were supporting Papaya growth by creating all materials needed to promote the product – online and in real life – including the website, social media assets, event marketing materials, and investor decks.

Papaya platform isometric screens showcase

Landing page

A friendly landing page conveys the feeling of transparency and simplicity. Payroll doesn’t have to be overwhelming, nor complicated.

Papaya website homepage screen
Papaya website homepage testimonial section
Papaya website mobile view
Papaya website mobile Papaya platform login screen

All-in-one platform

We needed to create a scalable UI system that could handle dynamic product growth and allows for swift adjustments of features based on users’ feedback. We incorporated clean and minimal design to facilitate working with a large amount of data.

tablet showing Papaya platform project workers screen
3 main features of Papaya platform design
Papaya platform project workers screen
Papaya platform overview payroll screen
Papaya platform project proposal screen
Papaya platform worker reports screen
Papaya platform comments popup
Papaya platform worker payments screen
Papaya platform worker contact info edit screen
Papaya platform send access request popup
Papaya platform add new worker popup
Papaya platform login link sent popup

Desktop app

As a part of our UX concept, Papaya can be downloaded to the user’s desktop, making it accessible at all times, even offline.

desktop screen showing Papaya platform desktop app
desktop screen showing Papaya platform notification popup
desktop screen showing Papaya platform app icon closeup

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