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Lively solves the acne puzzle for consistently clear skin

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Lively offers a holistic approach to acne care, personalized to every skin’s unique needs. Using AI technology, it provides an instant derma-analysis and recommends customized skincare products and lifestyle regimen.

With a growing base of Gen-Z customers, skincare products are shifting their offering to more tailored, subscription-based solutions. Instead of randomly picking a cream from the store's shelf, users can complete a quick online survey and get a custom formula mixed and shipped monthly to their doorstep. ● Working with one of the leading US skincare brands, Pilot44 partnered with us to create a product that takes the personalized experience one step further. On top of a basic questionnaire, we integrated a derma-analysis AI that uses a phone camera to show different factors of skin damage in real-time. After joining Lively, users get their custom skincare kit, lifestyle regimen, and access to a personal coach that helps them stay on track with their progress. ● Our role was to design and develop a full user journey – from social media ads, through onboarding and using the Lively app, all the way to integrating eCommerce and delivering skincare products.

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Getting started

A quick survey leads to an AI-based derma-analysis. To minimize abandonment, users can view their skin issues before committing to signing up.

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Clear Skin Program

Users can review their Customized Care Kit and choose to subscribe to kickoff the program. A dermatologist expert coach messages them directly and encourages healthy habits, adjusting their regimen while tracking progress.

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lively Instagram Stories social media ads campaign design

Value proposition testing

We launched AB testing with a social media campaign and landing page to measure the target group interest and gain immediate feedback.

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lively Instagram Stories social media ads campaign design

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