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Foodrush: a simpler way to plan your meals

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Foodrush makes meal-planning fun and easy with a set of useful tools catering to individual appetites, diets, and allergies. It provides grocery lists and recipes to satisfy users’ tastes without breaking the bank.

Most food apps fall into either the 'cooking' or 'productivity' category, forcing users to jump between multiple tools to plan and prepare their meals. And even then, it still takes time and effort to work out a way to eat healthy on a daily basis. Enter Foodrush. ● When designing the product, we realized that the main challenge was to create an experience that is engaging but also makes the entire meal-planning process smooth and simple. In a few quick steps, users indicate their eating preferences and habits, as well as setting the budget and size of the meals. The app takes care of the rest, providing the full week menu broken down into grocery lists and recipes. Users can save favorite meals and create weekly schedules – all while having the flexibility to plan for an entire party, or just for one.

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Visual language

We wanted to make Foodrush stand out while remaining intuitive and simple to use. To achieve this, we complemented clean design with a bold color palette consisting of vivid blues and yellows.

foodrush app icon with donut
foodrush vegan breakfast muffins recipe screen on iPhone
foodrush styleguide color pallete swatches
vanilla ice cream scoop in yellow ceramic cup on blue table

Foody Icons

A custom set of charismatic illustrations adds personality and makes the experience playful and memorable.

foodrush app foody icons set
foodrush breakfast lunch dinner checkbox cards with icons
foodrush foody icons stickers on yellow background
foodrush toaster icon animation popping toast

Your personal assistant and sous-chef

The concept of Foodrush is to take all the guesswork out of meal-planning. To create a customized weekly menu, users indicate their taste, lifestyle, and spending preferences.

foodrush user Zoey's shopping list and daily tips mobile screen design
foodrush step 1 to create meals for the week mobile screen design
foodrush step 2 let us know your taste mobile screen design
foodrush step 3 check out your menu mobile screen design
foodrush step 4 shopping time shopping list mobile screen design
young modern woman standing at kitchen counter referring to foodrush app on her tablet while snacking on pineapple
foodrush japanese salmon avocado rice recipe ingredients mobile screen design
foodrush chili prawn tomato linguini recipe nutrition facts moile screen design
foodrush user Zoey new shopping list coming tomorrow choose your list mobile screen design
foodrush desktop login screen design showing bowls of meusli with yogurt and peach slices
foodrush app check out your menu screen on iPhone being held by sitting man at table

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