fresh coffee beans in a wicker basket

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Barrrista: for all the coffee lovers

  • Product naming & branding
  • Copywriting & SEO
  • UX/UI & interaction design
  • Illustration & animation
  • Native app development

Barrrista is the new essential tool for coffee enthusiasts who want to take their passion to the next level. It logs coffee tastings, keeps cupping notes organized, and covers all the know-how basics.

Coffee is a hug in a mug – it makes our lives better and Mondays easier. For many of us, a cup of Joe to kick off the day is good enough, but for those who are obsessed with all the coffee nuances, there is Barrrista. ● There are endless flavor notes to coffee and keeping track of all of the tasted samples is a skill on its own. After researching other coffee apps available on the market, we understood that users needed a simple, straight-forward, and elegant solution. Our goal was to change the coffee cupping experience by creating a refined, joyful product with a set of handy features.

Barrrista app screens collection

Visual language

The Barrrista color palette consists of coffee bean tones complemented with midnight blues. To create a unique and fun experience, we designed a set of custom illustrations.

Barrrista color palette
coffee beans in a wicker basket
Barrrista custom illustrations set
3 cards showcasing Barrrista illustrations

Cupping journal

The main feature of the app is a cupping journal that lets the user log their coffee tastings as well as keep their notes, photos, and videos organized.

Barrrista app coffee cupping log screen
Barrrista app coffee sample overview screen
Barrrista app coffee sample edit screen
Barrrista app video player
photo in iPhone of coffee on table
man tasting coffee during cupping event
hand holding iPhone with screen of Barrrista app

Knowledge base

For those who aspire to become coffee savvy, we prepared an illustrated knowledge base and video tutorials. Users can get pro tips from experts and learn how to mix their coffee blend.

Barrrista app coffee roasts screen
Barrrista app coffee makers screen
Barrrista app history of coffee screen
Barrrista app login screen
Barrrista app login link sent screen

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