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Meet Soyos, a simple tool that helps you prevent yourself from making the same mistake twice.

Put on Your Lab Coat


Soyos is an experimental app that we're working on after-hours in our App Lab. It allows users to record audio or video messages and play them for themselves when they need it most. It helps prevent actions they would later regret and keeps all messages well-organized for easy playback. No one is more convincing than yourself!

Soyos overview concept


UX Design

Soyos has a simple and specific purpose, which we wanted users to be truly focused on when using the app. The primary experience is built around the dashboard screen for easy playback and recording of audio or video messages.

Soyos wireframe

UI Design

UI Design

A friendly, calm, and inviting color palette was selected along with a well-matching 'Poppins' typeface in order to emphasize Soyos as an attentive and loyal tool for users.

Soyos styleguide
Soyos ui screen designs

A Wise Owl Once Told Me…


Soyos was best represented by an Owl mascot due to its smart connotation and charming appeal. Various illustrations were designed to emphasize the idea that we all make mistakes, but that we can improve ourselves to become better, wiser people.

Soyos character illustrations

White or Blue?

User Testing

We set our minds to the color palette, but when it came to deciding on the dominant color, we got stuck. Blue created a strong brand, but did it feel too invasive and overpowering? White and gray provided clarity and focus, but was it enough to define the brand? The best solution was to simply ask people for their opinion.

a/b testing icons mockup a/b testing screens comparison
a/b testing outcome 54% blue to 46% white

The Result


Through our testing, it was decided that the white version of Soyos was best. However, we did use an openning screen of a bold blue tone to emphasize the brand more effectively. We hope that Soyos helps those who sometimes need a little reminder from themselves to prevent an action they would later regret.

Soyos iOS iPhone mockup