iOS Native App

Memundy is the first social media app that follows only on one person per day randomly chosen from around the world. It opens the door to far away cultures and lifestyles, while making new friends and connections.

Starting from Scratch


Memundy was one of those exciting projects when a client came to us with only an idea. We had to shape the concept into a complete product – organizing it's features, flow, and style guide. Most importantly, a charismatic brand was needed, including finding the right name for the app.

Memundy iPhone mockup gif

The main challenge of the project was creating an intuitive user experience. Memundy is putting an original twist on social media where, for one day, everyone follows content posted from one randomly chosen user that becomes "The Host". The key was designing a friendly interface that naturally introduced users to their role within the app.

Carrot Sense ui design screens

All Eyes on You

Naming & Branding

"Memundy" is a play on words: Me and Axis Mundi (latin "center of the world") to capture the idea that for one day, you are the center of attention of thousands of users around the globe. We matched the new name with a fun symbol of a "Hopping M" that represents the daily jumping from one host to another – every time being introduced to a new place, culture and lifestyle.

Memundy logo concept

Hostus Mostus

UX/UI Design

When wireframing, we needed to include separate flows. One for regular users to send comments and messages and one for the Host, who is the sole creator of posts and media. We also included a gamification system gratifying the most active users as extra motivation.

Memundy wireframe

When you think about social media, you see the Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin blues. Because Memundy is not like any other app, we decided to break out of this color set and go with a fun and cheerful green combined with a clear palette of white and greys. For an action color, a vivid amaranth red was selected to give a more dynamic feel.

Memundy ui design

The target of Memundy is a young iOS crowd, so we wanted to keep the UI clean and modern paying attention to spacing and typography. Rounded shapes and icons contribute to an overall lively social experience.

Memundy smart watch mockup Memundy profile screen Memundy badges screen Memundy vote for next host Memundy pass torch

Raising Brand Awareness


An integral part of developing Memundy was copywriting. We needed to explain in a brief and simple way, that appeals to the millenial target, what Memundy is and does. The app required creating it's own language and icon system to describe features that new users were unfamiliar with. For instance, the Host is marked by the red flame icon and, therefore, the action of switching from one Host to anorther is called "Passing the Torch".

Memundy intro screens

Coming soon to the Apple App Store


To prepare Memundy for release on the Apple App Store, we supplied a landing page website and social media materials.

Memundy host
Memundy website landing page

Working on Memundy was a very rewarding experience for our team. The process of shaping an idea into a functioning app gave us the creative freedom to design a fresh and original product.