Food Rush

iOS Native App

Food Rush is your personal assistant mobile app that takes meal planning off your back.

Bringing Fun to the Kitchen


Food Rush aims to make meal-planning fun and easy with useful tools catering to taste preferences or allergies. In three simple steps, users indicate their eating preferences and habits.

Food Rush login plan shop cook

The app takes care of the rest – providing recipes and grocery lists to satisfy tastes while not breaking the bank. Users can save meals for future cooking and create weekly schedules – all while having the flexibility to plan for an entire party, or just for one.

Food Rush interactive interface

Eyes Bigger Than Your Stomach

Naming & Branding

"Food Rush" means saving time, yet still being able to eat real food. We needed a brand that is dynamic, but also one that shows that the process is fun and easy. We designed a set of custom icons that was paired with matching typography and color palette. "Museo Sans Rounded" font is characterized by a nice, clean feel with oval glyphs that compliment the strokes of icons. This was further enhanced by lively yellows and blues.

Food Rush style guide

Made to Order

UX/UI Design

Food Rush ux ui design

The app was designed to appeal to a very specific target – millennial active iOS users. This group is willing to experiment with bold and original products without fear of trying new solutions. We could take more design risks with custom UI elements and animated interactions.

Food Rush ux ui design

Food Rush allows the user to customize every aspect of their eating habits. The app's biggest advantage was also the most challenging when designing the user flow. We divided the process of creating a menu into four steps – giving the user multiple options. At the same time, we needed powerful algorithms and a large database in order to generate accurate recipes and shopping lists.

Food Rush ux ui design

Foody Icons


We created a custom set of icons representing food items, cuisine types and meals. These pictograms convey a sense of fun and give the app personality and charisma. When the project was complete, Foody Icons were released for free for anyone to use.

Food Rush Foody Icons

Adding Motion


Taking it one step further, some icons needed to come alive. Who said that grocery shopping has to be boring?

Food Rush Foody Icon loading toaster

Nom Nom Nom


Having our target in mind, we kept the language direct and friendly. Instructions were written following gamification patterns, creating a feeling of playing rather than performing a set of tasks.

Food Rush drag items to yum or yuck

You Are What You Eat


Millenials are eating out more than ever – they were raised on takeout and quick meals to go. Food Rush is here to disrupt that mentality by making it quick and easy to cook at home.

Food Rush iPhone mockup

Food Rush and Foody Icons have been featured in multiple publications like Smashing Magazine, Codrops, and Sandu Publishing's Design on Screen and Infinite Icons to name a few.